democracy and full citizenship

The political impact and citizen participation of Trans women is none other than that of democracy and full citizenship.

Political Advocacy is indeed vital. In this sense, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of capacities in the set of contents and action practices to propose proposals for change that allow contributing to save lives and improve social, political, economic and cultural conditions so that everything is inclusive.

We are a non-political party organization, but we work on actions so that government agencies are concerned about improving the lives of trans people residing in Guatemala. 

From that account we look for:

  • That the Congress of the Republic of Guatemala approve a gender identity law that recognizes the identity of trans people and improves the way of documenting them through collecting gender identity, change in gender expression and the civil name of trans people. people in the Personal Identification Document.
  • That the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance implement the Comprehensive and Differentiated Health Strategy for Trans People 2016-2030 and allow the implementation of trans care guidelines that improve the quality of health care for said population in the national health system.