historical milestones

Historical route OTRANS-RN

In order to make visible the important moments of the 17-year history of OTRANS-RN, this section has been divided into four, as shown below:
2004 - 2009
Conformation and constitution

It began with the formation of the first Trans Queens of the Night collective at the national level, then the rapprochement with the Latin American Trans movement (REDLACTRANS) took place; In this period, a common political agenda was defined, which allowed the beginnings to go from being a collective, to becoming an organization recognized by Guatemalan legislation as the Trans Queens of the Night Organization-OTRANS-RN, which allowed it to be institutionalized. From his job.

Community strengthening and creation of public policies

OTRANS-RN strengthens the community base in the different territories of the country, the National Network of Trans People REDTRANSGT is created. In addition, the work carried out by the public sector is demonstrated in order to promote the recognition of Trans women, for example, at the level of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance-MSPAS, where the needs of comprehensive health and difference are evident. with a biopsychosocial approach at the national level, derived from the fact that the health care provided to Trans was related to HIV, AIDS or STIs. At the end of 2016 OTRANS-RN faced one of the most difficult moments in its history, being attacked politically, financially and programmatically, which led to its disappearance.

third moment
Redefining your identity

The organization is committed to promoting a Gender Identity Law, which is drawn up in consensus with other expressions of the movement of Trans men and women in the country. At this time, international work was strengthened with the registration of OTRANS-RN as a civil society organization in the Organization of American States-OAS, a registration that was approved by the Permanent Council.

During this period, the integration membership of the Women's Sector Political Alliance was obtained.

fourth moment:
The overexposure of the Trans women's movement begins

The organization evidences public positioning actions, the issue of Trans women is placed within the focus of government attention, this brings with it an increase in criminalization and insecurity rates of the members of the organization who have suffered a series of attacks and threats for the work they do in favor of human rights.

One of the emblematic cases that shows the persecution and criminalization is the murder of the legal representative Andrea González in the period of 2019-2021