2021 to 2022 Files

Marbella «Mafer» Santos. 2022.

She worked as a manager at the "Siboney" bar in Nueva Concepción, Department of Escuintla. She was born in San Andrés Iztapa, Department of Chimaltenango. She died on April 16 after spending more than a month in the Amatitlán National Hospital as a result of an armed attack.

Cecy Caricia Ixpata «Morenita Consentida». 2021

Originally from Salamá, Baja Verapaz, a fruit and vegetable seller, she was found inside the market with many blows, dying and was transferred to the hospital, where she died. He was a member of REDTRANS since 2012.


Andrea González. 2021

Young trans activist of Human Rights for her community, at twenty-six years old, Andrea served as Executive Director of OTRANS-RN, and substitute before the National Transgender Network, after sustained work within the organization since 2012 in different positions: educational promoter, nurse, field coordinator.

In 2016 Andrea took over the reins of the organization at a particularly difficult time, due to the lack of projects and resources, for which reason the recovery process of OTRANS-RN fell under her responsibility. He was a representative of OTRANS-RN in different international forums, including the International HIV Forum in Switzerland in 2018 and his participation in the Nairobi Kenya Population and Development conference in 2019.

She was shot to death near her residence on 11th avenue and second street in zone two of Guatemala City. Activist for the human rights of trans people in Guatemala and president of the organization OTRANS-RN. Su caso sigue ventilándose en los juzgados.

Joseline Ramos Gutiérrez.2021 

She disappeared on June 26, 2021, she left his home located in Jabiyal, Barrio Cruz de Mayo, Zacapa, on Saturday when she was going to Esquipulas, Chiquimula, but she did not return. Her case activated the “Isabel Claudina” missing persons alert system for the first time in the case of a transgender woman.


Karla Lux. 2022

Transgender woman victim of the COVID-19 pandemic. She stood out for her participation in events, marches, dedicated merchant, had her own beauty salon, very close to her circle of transgender friends, she stood out for being a community leader. She passed away due to health complications due to the pandemic.

Scarleth Montiel Loarca. «La Vinicio». 2022.

"La Rouse" or "La Vinicio" as he was popularly known was a transformist person dedicated to musical shows, where she stood out for the flexibility of her body in the various choreographies she put together, accompanied by dancers whom he called The Jaguars. She gave shows in nightclubs, marches, commemorations, master of ceremonies for various events.

She ventured as an activist in Human Rights, as an approach to youth, working for various organizations and being the founder of one of them WE ARE DIVERSE YOUTH IN ACTION, of which she was Executive Director until the day of her death. I also develop business skills by setting up various bars and nightclubs in zone 1, zone 4 and zone 9.

She passed away from health complications related to COVID-19.


La Vetty Linares Chuga. 2021.

Transgender woman, sex worker. La Vetty was characterized by being participatory in various activities that OTRANS-RN carried out, she was a member of the "Lazos de Amistad" collective, she lived at 14 Calle B 31-32 zone 7, Colonia San Martin in Guatemala City. She was member to the "Calzón Quitado" group, she lived with HIV.

He filed a complaint with the Human Rights Comissión on 01/14/2014, according to the Prevention file ORD GUA 305-2014, because a bag containing his antiretrovirals, personal document, Roosevelt Hospital appointment card and cash. He filed the complaint because the Roosevelt Hospital asked him to do so again to have his antiretroviral medication. He had another incident where he reported to the Public Ministry according to file MP001-2014-10183, which indicates that four subjects threatened him. Falleció por complicaciones de salud debido a su condición de vida.

Sandy Castillo de León. 2022

A 52-year-old transgender woman, professional stylist, sex worker, started working at OTRANS-RN three days before her death, stated that she was very excited about the job opportunity, indicated that she had to go to her mother's house in zone 18, later she would return home to report to work the following day and she didn't report, murdered by hanging at her home located in Gerona, zone 1, Guatemala, OTRANS-RN learned of her death three days after her death.


Fernanda Milán. 2022

One of the first transgender activists, who revolutionized her context, built the first “Fashion for Life” project and participated in the first formal organization actions of OTRANS-RN. Fernanda was a popular, enthusiastic, very creative and sociable woman. He went into exile and sought refuge in Denmark, after spending time in foster homes and suffering violence due to her gender identity. Her refugee status was one of the first cases treated for gender identity in the European country. She died in Denmark, in exile for who she was.

Floral Hernández. Floral Pontaza. 2022.

A personal friend of Nancy Calix (Number 59), approximately 36 years old, she worked for several years in sales at employer fairs, combining it with sex work in zone 1, the Terminal, the hill and in her last years in "Trébol" zone 11. She died of a heart attack. She had reported feeling bad, she went to the hospital but they did not know how to treat her. She returned to the room she rented. She was found dead 7 hours after her heart attack.

Member of the Trans Collective "The Clover", Guatemala City.

Juanita Petzey. 2022.

Transgender woman born in Santiago Atitlán, approximately in 1960, at the age of 16 she moved to Guatemala City. She did sex work in Dowtown zona 1 (17th street) and El Trébol. She lived in San Miguel Petapa, died in Sololá due to complications from her diabetes at the age of 77.


Nancy Sacul «La Cobanera»

Originally Chisec from Alta Verapaz, who was shot to death in the El Progreso Suburb zone 11 Capital City, they managed to capture the alleged perpetrator identified as 29-year-old Bersabi Revoloria Najaro, who was extorting her to be able to work. She belonged to the Collective Trans of Sex Workers "The Clover", zone 11

Her cause of death was a spinal cord laceration, cervical vertebra fracture, penetrating wound caused by a firearm projectile.

She was claimed by her brother who transferred her to Sayajché Petén, where she was buried.


Yannira Margarita Ortiz García. 2022

Sex worker from 17th street and 4th. Avenue, she lived in the hotels around her work, her children were with her, on the day she had them in the room when she went to work, then she got her a scholarship in the MOJOCA organization, she worked for OTRANS – RN 2015 and 2016 as a cleaner, she was very supportive of the transgender movement until the last days of her death, one of the first founders of the OMES.