2011 to 2020 Files


Fabiola Vaquerano. 2013

A member of the Transgender Organization "Queens of the Night", she was hospitalized as an emergency at the San Juan de Dios Hospital due to complications derived from her HIV condition, because she had no family, OTRANS-RN claimed the body, she was buried in the Cemetery on Verbena Zone 7, Guatemala City.


Fernanda Ramírez Santos. 2013.

According to the testimony of an interviewee, she offered sexual services to a man who felt offended because she was not a woman and returned on a motorcycle to shoot him at point-blank range. The incident happened on the 4th street. Avenue and 4a. Street zone 1 of the City of Escuintla. Murder is defined as a transphobic hate crime. 


Kimberly Briseida Hernández Rivera.  2014

Transgender woman of Salvadoran nationality, originally from the province of Ahuachapan, Atiquisaya. I worked at 1st. Street and 1a. Avenue zone 11 "El Guarda", belonged to the Clover Collective. He passed away due to health complications. She is buried in the La Verbena Cemetery, zone 7 of Guatemala City.


Nelly Julissa Tefel. 2014

Transgender woman of Nicaraguan origin, member of the Trans Organization "Queens of the Night", died due to health complications, she was held in the house where the room where she rented was located, the family vacated the entrance for this act, given the small space, the chairs were located in the middle of the street. She was buried in Guatemala due to the impossibility of returning her to her country.


Sandra Caal Morán. 2015.

Transgender woman originally from Lago Chichoj, San Cristóbal Verapaz, Guatemala. She was shot to death on the highway, it was difficult to identify her due to the state of her body.  Promoter Cynthia Valle from OTRANS-RN requested support from the organization to purchase the coffin, since the family had limited resources.


Dulce Rocío Cifuentes Barrientos. 2016

48-year-old transgender woman, resided in Colonia San Benito Mazatenango, Suchitepéquez, her clinical diagnosis: Hemorrhagic vascular brain Disease, Type II Diabetes Mellitus and Arterial Hypertension. She passed away from complications of his diseases on March 23, 2016 at 6:55 am. at the National Hospital of Suchitepéquez. Mazatenango.

The field coordinator Andrea González went to file a complaint with the Human Rights Ombudsman's office of Suchitepéquez, due to the poor medical care to which Dulce Roció was subjected, since with her clinical condition she required intensive care. Instead, she was in a bed accompanied by a pedestal fan and her hair was cut without permission from the family.


Carla Reyes. 2016

Transgender woman from Puerto Barrios Izabal, murdered by her cohabitant with viciousness and violence, her attacker was arrested. In this case, his brother Luis Fernando Reyes, a gay man, who was later murdered in 2020, served as a witness.

This case came to trial with the complainant being the Organization "Women Transforming the World" at the request of OTRAN-RN. The case was tried without the Violence Against Women component, because in the judge's opinion, the victim was not a cisgender woman.


Evelyn Robles Alegría. 2016

Transgender woman, 42 years old, ardent defender of Human Rights for her community. She began to work sexually at the age of 20, knowing the life of the streets of zone 1 since the 90's. She was imprisoned several times in the last years of the armed conflict. On December 17, 2005, she was an eyewitness in the extrajudicial death of Paulina Marrot, for which she was self-imposed as a protection measure for 3 years. She had precautionary measures from the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights - IACHR, returning to sex work in 2009 out of necessity. He testified in various countries in Europe and America. She was one of the founders of the transgender movement, director of the Trans Collective in its beginnings, founder of the Divas del Milagro Collective zone 6 of Mixco, one of the founders of the National Network of Transgender Persons - REDTRANS Guatemala. She was a health promoter in 2015 and 2016. In October 2016 she was appointed representative of OTRANS - RN, in international health spaces. She has not been heard from since October 28 of that year, the date on which she made her last publication on Facebook. She was found hanging in her room on November 18, but her death must have occurred days before, due to where her body was found.

In September 2022, the Mixco court that was handling her case dismissed it, citing suspicion of suicide. Her colleagues do not accept this hypothesis because it is contrary to Evelyn's way of being and her desire to promote her organization.


Jackeline Sánchez. 2018

Transgender woman known as "Grandma" because of her advanced age (she was around 70 years old), one of the founders of the National Network of Transgender People in Guatemala - REDTRANS-GT, founder of various groups and collectives: "Knots of Friendship" Collective, "Chains of Friendship" group, among others. He cared about the health of people living with HIV. She lived in the United States in the 90's. She actively participated in all activities. She was always looking for support for food and shelter within the various organizations for her companions. She lived with HIV, died of a heart attack.
They paid him a posthumous tribute through REDMMUTRANS GUATEMALA, baptizing a solidarity kitchen with his name, in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Shantal Quiñonez. 2018

Approximately 22 years old in 2003 he approached OASIS organization and joined the activities and the "Breaking Frontiers" group, she stood out for his good sense and creative style. She was romantically related to Amaranta Salomé Linares, she did sex work until her death in the 3rd. Avenue and 10th Street, Downtown, Guatemala City. She had difficulties with people who extorted transgender women sex workers, that opposition cost her her life, repeatedly stabbed. The evening was held in the community hall in the "Colonia Niño Dormido", in zone 7 Guatemala, thanks to the efforts of Amaranta Salomé and the self-support group "Blach Panters" of Bethany Suburb. Together with her partner, they made fantasy costumes to rent or sell to participants in beauty events from the LGBT community.


Alessandra Villamizar Días «La Reina». 2019.

Transgender woman originally from Guatemala, but she lived in Huehuetenango, she was thin, black hair, pale skin, her face highlighted by her plucked eyebrows. She was working at a Taco place owned by her boyfriend's aunt, in zone 4 of the city, she started working as a make-up artist, it was something she enjoyed doing, when she was 16 years old. She joined "Trabajando Unidos" Huehuetenango, a collective of LGTBIQ+ people, she won three titles in beauty pageants: Miss Teen Huehuetenango, National Queen of the Queens Quetzaltenango and Miss Teen World Quetzaltenango.

On March 25, she was found lifeless, she was shirtless, face up, among dust and bushes. She had scored her skin with a metal object. The word "fagot" was read on the chest, a derogatory term to refer to homosexual men. On the back they also found other words, marked in the same way: «for not paying the merchandise 18». according to INACIF, it determined that she would have died of strangulation.


Amarantha Salomé Linares Ruano. 2019

Transvestite person from Jalpatagua, Department of Jutiapa, resided in Guatemala City. She lived with HIV for more than 35 years, during which most of her life she was not given medical treatment, because she was not an adherent person.

In the year 2000 she came to work as a maintenance and messenger at OASIS organization, until 2008, at which time she organized the "Rompiendo Fronteras" group, and the Miss Gay Guatemalan Pride event 2001 to 2006. She participated in many beauty events making costumes of fantasy of the participants, being mostly winners of recognition.

She was an activist, volunteer for OASIS for more than 15 years. She died as a result of HIV, a diagnosis that accompanied her for much of her life, since the 1980s.


Daniela Ávila. 2019

Originally from the city of Progresos, department of Yoro, in the Republic of Honduras, she died in Guatemala City, after suffering prolonged health conditions. She had excess mineral oil in her breasts, which caused hot flashes, fevers, and pain. She sought medical attention and was hospitalized on one occasion, but the doctors did not treat her comprehensively, she was visited several times by the OTRANS Transvivir Clinic, she died in a hotel located in the Modern Suburb of zone 2, she was veiled and buried by OTRANS-RN in the La Verbena cemetery zone 7 of Guatemala City.


Vidalia Molina Delgado «La Colocha». 2019

She resided in Mazatenango City, Suchitepéquez due to forced displacement as a result of the violence in his country of origin. On the night of Friday the 11th, unknown persons entered his business "Bar Mery" located on 2nd avenue in zone 1 of Mazatenango (160 kilometers from Guatemala City) where they shot him in the face and chest. according to the police report.


Katerin Reinoso. 2020

Member of the Trangender Collective "Clover" Association of Sex Workers of zone 11. She died due to complications from the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria, she went to the Roosevelt Hospital on June 17, 2020 accompanied by Melany Quiñonez, where she was treated for Severe Gastritis, she was not made No exam or ultrasound and he was sent home. The next day he contacted Estrella Maldonado, a colleague from the Collective and explained that he was still in pain and vomiting, for which he paid for laboratory tests where he was diagnosed with the bacteria, on June 20. In the afternoon, she was admitted to the San Juan de Dios Hospital, dying on Sunday the 21st at dawn, in the corridors of the Hospital due to the fact that due to the COVID-19 emergency there was no space to care for her. The body was buried as XX on June 21 at 8:00 am.


Jennifer  Avila «La Burburja». 2020

Transgender woman, 35 years old, sexually abused and murdered by stoning, her body was found by Volunteer Firefighters on January 1 at 4th Avenue, Obregon Suburb, of Mazatenango, 160 kilometers from the capital of Guatemala.

They took her to National Hospital of Mazatenango where she died. Jennifer's body entered the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (INACIF) at 2:42 p.m. and according to the autopsy she died of a head trauma. He had signs of torture and sexual violence.


Jimena Valeria Sanik, «La China». 2020

Originally from Mazatenango, she rented a room in Castaias Suburb, Zone 11 of Guatemala, on May 12 she turned 15 days missing.
She disappeared on May 1, at Raul Aguilar Batres Boulevard 44-22 zone 11, as a reference the MetroSur shopping center, in Villa Nueva.


Luisa «Love» Sandoval Lemus – Wicha. 2020

She lived in the village of Entre Ríos, in the department of Izabal. A member of the Transgender Izabal Collective, she disappeared on February 27, 2020 and was found 5 days later in deplorable conditions and with signs of torture and genital mutilation.



Melany Rivera de León. 2020

Human rights activist, transgender woman, member of the "Clover" Collective, temporary president of OTRANS–RN for a week.

She is described by her friends as a friendly, radiant person "The joy of the block in zone 11 El Trébol". She liked Jenny Rivera's songs. She migrated to Mexico in 2018 for one year, returning due to the poor attention received in his migration process.

She died due to kidney failure, at the time of her death she was in the COVID-19 area, her friends insist that she did not have the disease, her friends requested support from the Human Rights Comission since she was next to corpses, even having food limitations and medical care.


Stephanie Cardona Matías. 2020

Originally from Guatemala City, she lived in Mixco, worked as a sexual service in a bar in zone 4. She had multiple neck injuries caused by a knife that caused her death, according to the National of Forensic Sciences (INACIF).


Debby Maya. 2020

Guatemalan trans woman. He was born on June 17, 1969 and passed away on Christmas December 25, 2022 at fifty-two years of age. She was the Founder of the Trans movement in Guatemalamember ofMovement of women and feminists in GuatemalaNational and international human rights activist, member of REDLACTRANS, leader, human rights defender of the trans community.
Fifth year university student at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences in a Bachelor's degree in Social Work with an emphasis in Development Management. She died due to health complications of Covid-19.

She is considered the mother and grandmother of the transgender movement and her main ancestor due to the impact that her life actions had on the lives of several transgender women. She used to surround himself with them and live in community as a family. She migrated to Mexico at the beginning of the century but returned to Guatemala, determined to collaborate for the health of transgender women in the country. That made her get involved in different organizations. She worked for the Rodalinda Project (project for the delivery of prevention supplies to key populations) in conjunction with the Comprehensive Health Association and OASIS organization. She was a health promoter, project coordinator, researcher, consultant. In 2004 it brought together transgender women in sex work and promoted community-based organizing. She worked for international cooperation and returned to OTRANS-RN to become the program officer of said institution.

Among his academic and life contributions are: Having provided experience in the preparation of the Health Strategy, its communication strategy. Principal investigator in the report on Transgender Women and COVID-19, case documenter at the Center for the Situation and Documentation of Latin America and the Caribbean, CEDOSTALC.