Sexual Rights and Reproductive Rights

Sexual and reproductive rights

To speak of citizenship is to speak of the possibility of exercising rights within a society to which one belongs.

This is how we can comment that, despite the existence of international documents with a focus on gender, sexual and reproductive rights, there are obstacles due to the active opposition of some sectors, as well as budgetary policies lacking in the country in terms of health.

Therefore from OTRANS-RN, Trans women have the right to receive services in a warm, free and discrimination-free manner.
of health, sexual health and reproductive health including supplies such as condoms, hormonal treatments, psychology, among other services and to receive these with the accompaniment of professionals, with responsible ethics and free of prejudice.

OTRANS-RN carries out actions to promote sexual rights and reproductive rights for trans women by carrying out various actions:
Training and strengthening processes in the area of human rights, sexual health and reproductive health.

Commemoration of related emblematic dates:

  • Women's Day
  • Trans Awareness Day
  • day against transphobia
  • Women's Health Day
  • LGBTIQA+ Pride and Dignity Day
  • Indigenous Peoples Day
  • Day for the Depathologization of Trans Identities
  • youth day
  • Trans Remembrance Day
  • Day of Non-Violence against Women
  • HIV Response Day
  • Human Rights Day.
  • Follow-up actions for the implementation of the Health Strategy
    and articulated work with government agencies, civil society among